The NDM Group concentrates on business services, offering value for money and simple advice on how to get the best out of your expenditure on marketing, insurance, finance and energy. Our goal is to simplify and as a consequence to reduce cost and maximise benefits.

The senior leadership team of NDM have many years of experience running and managing businesses in manufacturing, insurance, marketing, banking and leasing. Creating NDM was born out of an idea that business owners saw expenditure on websites, insurance, energy and finance as a necessary part of life but either did not have the time or experience to get the best deal or the best outcomes. The NDM Group helps our clients do just that.

NDM Creative

Everyone has a website, but how effective is yours. How many visits do you get and most importantly how much business does it generate. NDM focus on building traffic and business by combining SEO and the use of digital and social marketing. The internet is like any other market place, you need to constantly remind your customers of who and where you are, and what you can do for them.

NDM Insurance

The right cover at the right price with claims managed by our own people.

NDM Energy

The constant increase in energy prices means you should be going to market every year to ensure you have the lowest cost. This can be time consuming. NDM do this for our clients on a no risk basis. Unless we can get you a lower cost we don't charge you a fee.

NDM Apps

NDM are creating mobile apps for all types of businesses at affordable prices. Apps allow you to stay in touch with your customers, to communicate directly with them and to reward their continued loyalty. If you have customers an app may be the best way for you to cut through the noise of the internet and have a proper two way dialogue with them.

NDM Finance

This covers two aspects, capital allowances and R&D Tax Credits. Both are about recovering tax paid to HMRC. Most businesses are carrying out research & development - it is not just linked to to products, it can apply to new operating and management systems, IT and software. Your company accountant may not have the expertise to recover tax for capital allowances on buildings and property improvements or for R&D. NDM will investigate the potential claim, manage the application, reduce the time burden on you and most importantly only get paid a fee when you receive your tax refund or credit.

NDM Health & Safety Consultants

Our experienced team supports our customers with H&S and Quality Management Systems. We believe that done properly both can deliver a safer and more profitable business. We help our customers maximise their return on what can be seen as an overhead - we see them as being positive impacts on profit, employee and customer satisfaction.

NDM Group is a provider of help and advice which we believe will save you money and time and help you grow your business. Our success is your success.


'Making Business Simple'