Tools in Transit Insurance from SmartWater – Now Available

Tools in Transit Insurance from SmartWater – Get Smart With Tool Thieves

Tool thefts from vehicles are continuing to rise with over 64,000 thefts reported since 2015(1). The average loss of income suffered from vehicle tool theft weighs in at a substantial £550 per day! It is very clear that something needs to be done to reverse this worrying trend.

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Get funded help with your marketing

You hear it time and time again; marketing your business effectively is vital; and this has never been truer.

There are so many reasons why it is important to ensure you are making the most of your online presence, and marketing your business successfully, however we do understand it can be extremely time-consuming and costly.

This is why we are excited to reveal that there are marketing funding grants available to small and medium sized businesses all across the UK.

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Businesses are burning away money

Millions of people are rolling up bundles of £20 notes and setting them alight to keep warm – or at least they may as well be.

It has been discovered that 40% of businesses and 60% of homes are sticking to the big six standard energy tariffs, meaning they are typically overpaying for their energy.

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